Douglas Family Medicine

1189 S. Perry St. Suite 230
Castle Rock, CO 80104

"Putting the 'Care' Back Into Healthcare"

Services of Douglas Family Medicine

As family doctors, we are primary care physicians, which means all aspects of your health are important to us: physical, mental and spiritual. We believe "access" means spending more time with each patient rather than squeezing in as many patients as possible. We may occasionally need to consult a specialist about particular aspects of your health, but we strive to be the home for your outpatient medical care.

Some services we offer include:
• Annual physicals and preventive care for ages 2 and above
• Well woman exams (pap smears, etc), gynecologic care and Hormone Replacement Therapy
• Acute illness management • Chronic illness managed care
• A variety of outpatient procedures like skin lesion removal, skin biopsy, arthritic joint injection, care of minor fractures and sprains, and much more

Specialized Services Include:
• Personalized care through Concierge Services
• Hormone replacement therapy, SottoPelle – Bio-identical hormones for men and women
• Fasting blood test panels – full lab studies using an advanced method of lipid screening
• On site CIMT (carotid intima-media thickness) testing to look for carotid atherosclerosis (plaque of the arteries in the neck that can cause stroke)

For any life threatening or emergent concerns, please seek immediate medical attention via 911 or a local Emergency Room.